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Racing update and notices

Racing update

The Fastnet series is now at an end, as is the back to back afternoon trial. The race committee met after the last race and have agreed not to go forward with back to back for the remainder of the summer series, instead the following adjustment for times will be made with effect from the start of the Portland series:

First race 11am
Second race 1:15pm
Third race 3:00pm

A formal notice of the change to SI will be posted shortly on the club notice board. The Houghton cup and Fastnet pursuit races will be at the already published times.

On the subject of the pursuits they are a great way to start racing for new helms:

In normal handicap racing all boats start together, and are timed for the duration of the race, and then the result is worked out from their handicap. In pursuit racing, it is done in reverse. Our pursuit races are 90 minutes for the slowest boat, faster boats start later at times according to their handicap, with the slowest going first. this means you get the start line pretty much to yourself, so no hectic start line, and crowded mark roundings.

It is then a straightforward race to the finish as their is no finish line! When the time duration is reached, the
results are determined by the actual observed positions on the water. If it all goes well, there could well be several
boats in close proximity to each other as the finish time approaches, all fighting for the win. Similarly in the rest of
the fleet as boats compete for positions.


The club open day is on the Sunday the 12th of June, members are encouraged to invite attendees advertising material will be available shortly. there is a working party to get ready on Saturday the 11th, I am compiling the jobs list, if you have anything you would like to add to the list please respond to this post or contact me via Facebook or Email.

The committee has asked me to remind the membership of the following club rules:

5. a) All boats must be covered by Third Party and Passenger Risks AT ALL TIMES to a minimum value

please note this is increased from the previously required £2,000,000 this rule applies to all craft stored and used on the lake which includes tenders, windsurfer, kayaks etc.

17. Dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times, and not allowed to foul areas frequented by members. Dogs may not be taken afloat.

18. Cars shall use only such areas of the Club premises as authorised. Cars are permitted on dinghy park approach road for loading and unloading only.

it is requested that members limit their loading and unloading times to quarter of an hour in light of the damaged cased by vehicles to the grassed areas.

Thanks Richard

May update


here is the latest snapshot of duties from SCM:


Sign up is going fairly well but we have had a couple of no shows for duties so its important that you respond to invite emails and sort out any swaps as soon as possible at: and going to – See more at:

for Wednesday nights we are sticking with the google docs sign up for this season which is here:

Wednesday night duties list

we are but are a bit short of crew for next week (being as its only me signed up so any volunteers will as always be gratefully received!

In other news:

-The sailing School has been busy in addition to the usually Bedford schools program with the RYA workplace challenge, where they are currently training a team of beginners for a regatta against a team from priory a few weeks away.

As you can see the pressure of competition is already lying heavily on team (and school) principal Steve!

-The club has acquired a Sport 14 dinghy to join the club fleet, and free for members to use, the keys for the sail boxes for all the club boats are in the fuel store.

-Congratulations to Ian and Ruth on their election to the management committee as Chair and Vice chair respectively and thank you to all our member who turned out to make the vote unanimous.

-The management committee is going forward with a whole club open day on the 12th of June, so we have rearranged our open day plans for the year in support.

-The racing results spreadsheet has been updated for the new PYs, QE codes and the horrors of new excel! It pretty much as it was before but when you go in you need to click in the yellow bar above the sheet to enable editing, and then again to enable macros. I anyone has any problems please grab me and I will sort it out. I’m planning on helping out doing the results for the next couple of weeks until all the bugs are shaken out.

-And last but not least the weather forecast is a sunny 25 C Force 3-4 for Sunday so I hope to see you all then.

Thanks Richard

2016 Duties list

Thank you to everyone who has confirmed their duties so far for this season, you should be able view your duties by logging in at: and going to

If you haven’t yet confirmed you can do so through the same page (please do as soon as you can as it makes the duties secretaries life considerably simpler!)
For those of you who are still having issues with the new system here is the duties list in Excel format including unconfirmed duties:

2016-swsc list duty

Please SCM is the master record we will be working to this is only a snapshot as it currently stands on won’t be updated.

Thanks Richard

Stewartby Watersports Club AGM Thursday the 28th of April 8PM

Please support your club by attending the AGM, this years meeting this is of particular important with the election of a new Chair & deputy Chair for the club who will be leading the club through the changes enabled by our new Community Amateur Sports Club status.

The nominations to date are:

Chair: Ian Parish
Deputy: Ruth Ivory

Though further nominations may be made at any time up-to and at the meeting.

Racing Equipment

for all users of the committee boats, we currently have a little issue that the automatic mode on the bilge pump isn’t working, so until further to avoid this:


We need to deploy the following a high tech, precision engineered solution all the time the boat is in use:


Also here is an aide memoir sheet for where all the other racing kit lives:

Racing Equipment Location and Storage

April update

There is a quite a bit going on at the moment at the club as the new season gets underway:

We are now a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) our application having been accepted.

The new sailing club manager (SCM) software is up and running, I know there have been some issues with duties sign up, we are currently working on this. Its a new system so please bear with us and report any issues please send us a message via the website. We are intending to replace this website with the SCM one at some point this season (we will be keeping the address). the SCM site we are currently building is available to view at and is where you need to go to sign up for this season duties, with the exception of Wednesday evening for which the sign up link is here:

2016 Wednesday evenings duty signup

This winters working parties have achieved a great deal, all the ruts in the dinghy park have been leveled, please can I remind members not to drive on the grass at all as it has done a lot of damage, we have installed a new fence to make this clear:


it has been deliberately set so you can wheel a boat underneath but not a car!

our nice new marks are in and the sail storage boxes for the club boats have been positioned, once the padlock have arrived for these all the kit for the boat will be in the box to make it easy to use:


As last season the club boats are free for members to use. The boats available are the Sprint 15, 2 lasers, Laser 2, lightening and Bahia and we will shortly be adding a Sport 14 and streaker.

for ROs and OODs the race kit has been sorted out we have a full compliment of flags (apart from C which is currently on order). any breakages or missing kit should be reported to The key in the key safe has been replaced if need it and you don’t know the code send me a message and I will mail you it. also the results spreadsheet with the new PYs added and quite a few new quick entry codes if anyone doesn’t have one please let me know and I will add it. if you don’t know you code the list can be viewed here :

Quick Entry codes list

change to Club SIs

Change to Sailing Instructions

Section 1: Rules

Add 1.1 (a)

Provided the flag remains in its position on the buoy there shall be
no penalty when a boat touches any part of the flag that does not
surround the staff of a mark. This amends RRS 44.1


This allows the flag itself to be touched, but not where the cloth tube is in contact with the supporting tube on the mark. If however when touching the flag it gets removed from the mark, then the mark has been touched and a penalty turn is required.

This change has been introduced to avoid the problem caused particularly at off wind marks when a boat rounding the mark has the body of the helm or crew brushed by the flag. Sometimes the touch is so delicate that the sailor is unaware that it has happened.

Tomorrows short course racing canceled

In light of the forecast tomorrows short course racing event is cancelled.

Wednesday Evenings duties sign up sheet

With the night getting longer again its almost time to for Wednesday night sailing again so here is the sign up link for duties sign up sheet.

2016 Wednesday evenings duty signup

This weekend

This weekend there is a working party at the club on Saturday, The jobs list as follows:

-Repair the floating Jetty in front of the club (parts have been bought and are in the container.
-Strip down the waste disposal in the galley and determine a suitable replacement.
-Finish installing the sail storage boxes for the club boats.
-Rig and photo the club boats for rigging guides.
-Label up the new marks with self adhesive lettering.
-Put up a white board next to the galley.

As usual its a 10am start at the club house and the galley will be on free for the volunteers.

Then on Sunday their is a short course racing session, lots of a fast an furious single short lap racing, perfect to sharpen you up after winter for the new season.