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Club Championship

The Club Championship

The Club Championship comprises three 2 –day events, the Houghton, Caulcott and Blackaby Cups.
Each of these events is scheduled to take place on two consecutive Sundays. However, if conditions are unsuitable for racing that day will be rescheduled to a later date.

Week A

Sunday am : 1 pursuit race, based on 75 minutes for the slowest boat.
pm: 2 handicap fleet races.

Week B

Sunday am: 1 pursuit race, based on 75 minutes for the slowest boat.
pm: 1 handicap race.
3 short course handicap races, on a windward –leeward course.
Each race to last 10-15 mins for leading boat

The three short course races will be combined 'one race' result. To do this, each sailor's scores from the 3 races are summed, and a rank order created, with tie breaking in the normal way. The resulting rank order is then treated as a single race result.

Each individual Club Championship event is then determined by counting the results of:

1 pursuit race [best score]
2 handicap races [best scores]
The short course 'race'

The Club Championship
The overall Club Championship will be determined in this way:

3 pursuit races [best scores]
6 handicap [best scores]
2 short course 'races'.

This allows sailors to qualify for the overall championship in a variety of different ways. It can be done by racing on just 4 of the 6 days, although 2 of these must be week B to achieve the 2 short course races.

Last updated 09:14 on 2 February 2019

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