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Home > Racing > COVID Sailing Instructions Amendments for 2020 summer series
Home > Racing > COVID Sailing Instructions Amendments for 2020 summer series

COVID Sailing Instructions Amendments for 2020 summer series

COVID Sailing Instructions Amendments for 2020 summer series

This series is being run based on the RYAs published Q&A session answers of the 4-Jul-2020 that state a group of racing dinghies do not constitute a gathering and so club may now organise racing. The standard club sailing instructions and COVID guidelines remain in places with the following amendments for the duration of the racing session only:

During the duration of the racing session a safety boat will be on the water it is there to assist as far as possible within current regulations. Any sailor instructed by the duty crew must do so immediately. Retrieval of boats will only be undertaken if the duty crew can do so without encroaching on social distancing.

7.1 is modified to those racing should notify Richard Hargreaves via social media or email that they are racing, no sign up sheet will be posted at the club, this can be done after racing.

8.1 is modified so that the course will be displayed on the committee boat only.

11.2(a) is amended As per the Sailing section controls V2, the max strength racing will take place in is 21 knots for mono hulls and 27 knots for cats, and a maximum gust strength of 30knots.

11.2(c) and 21.4 are modified to require the safety boat will be manned by one person holding a safety boat or powerboat instructors certificate, or 2 persons from the same household or support bubble.

Competitors are advised to ensure they maintain distancing whilst launching and recovering whilst is straight forward at Stewartby thanks to our extremely long slipway, it is still recommended you allow yourselves a more time than you would normal. and not to congregate in groups large than six either pre or post racing.

Special Guidance for Race Officers and duty crews.

To ensure that no one who is shielding or uncomfortable with coming to the club at present duty crews being filled on a volunteer basis as we do during the winter series before volunteering please read the following guidance in full.

Safety crews: To ensure you are able to provide cover effectively whilst maintaining 2m distancing from people and minimise any contact with their craft. we have provide the following following additional equipment on the safety boat

  • A number of paddles
  • Throw bag
  • plant sprayer and disinfectant solution
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Dry bag containing PPE rubber gloves face mask and shields
  • A boarding Ladder
  • Anchor and bucket

this equipment list was arrived at by considered various Scenarios that arise during routine club rescue and some unlikely but more serious ones.

Scenarios considered

  1. Retrieving a sailor from the water who has become separated from their boat, for this situation the boarding ladder has been provided so a sailor can safely climb into the dory unassisted at the far corner from the crew. a throwing bag is also provided. once retried the sailor should stay in the far corner of dory from the crew until they are retrieved to their own boat or shore.
  2. A capsized dinghy where the sailor is unable or is struggling to right it. Here you should assist by righting the dinghy or cat via the normal methods rubber gloves are provided to minimise your exposure to the boat and hand gel for subsequent sterilisation. Any sailor requiring this assistance should be instructed to return to shore once the recovery is complete. if the task of retrieval is made simpler by returning the sailor to shore you should do so using the anchor provided to secure the boat until it can be retrieved
  3. Retrieving an unconscious or injured sailor from the water who is unable to climb aboard without assistance, this scenario is very unlikely however if it does occur their is PPE available in the dry bag, which you should equip yourself with before rendering assistance.
  4. In all of the above scenarios the whole dory should be disinfected as soon as possible after the sailor is out using the plant sprayer.
  5. Any minor first aid required should be self administered, in the event of serious injury the clubs normal emergency response procedure should be followed, as Alway an first aid incident should be record in the accident book by the ODD as per normal procedure.
  6. towing in a damaged boat, in the event of damage to boat it should be towed to shore via a long line. to do this the crew should take the sails down if possible or where this not such as toppers and laser, free the main sheet so the rig can pivot round fully head to wind. the throwing bag is provided for this purpose. a number of paddles will also be provided in the rescue boat so boats in need can be handed one if required to assist with recovery.

ROs, All racing is to be run from the committee boat, as this is better from a distancing perspective and reduces the likelyhood of competitors congregating ashore. you are are asked not to calculate a result on the day instead please come equipped to photograph and email the lap recording sheets, for each race to Richard Hargreaves who will input and post them. Good recording is crucial, Sign-up will be done online but please record full sail numbers and classes for each boat on at least the first lap and make not of any sailor you recognise on the results sheet. if you are able to please also take a note of anyone you recognise and take photos of the competitors particularly those you are unable to identify.

Last updated 13:35 on 4 June 2021

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